playfull SunMao - Hermes

‘playful SunMao’ is a shopping window installation for the high end french fashion brand Hermes.
It was designed for the autumn season of 2018 and installed in 12 shops in northern and central China such as Beijing, Chengdu or Xian. Sun Mao wood joining is a traditional Chinese craft.
It provides countless possibilities of how to join wooden bars, boards, sticks, cubes, and many more.
Since hundreds of years it is used for constructions of buildings, assembling of furnitures,
joining decorative elements or even creating playful games.
The window installation captures the playful character of this craft by combining it retro games, basically everyone remembers from their earlier days. Plays like Pinball, PacMan, Table Kicker, Darts or dancing games are forming a stage for the Hermes merchandise to enjoy jumping, hitting, sliding and tapping. They are actors inside the games full of traps and surprises constructed by challenging wooden joints.
The installation aims to trigger the natural and well remembered impulse of the viewer to play.