24 Seasons - Robam

24 seasons is the 2nd edition of The Lake co branding project. It follows the concept of redesigning a traditional craft, teaching it local villagers living around the protected lake in Yuhang Hangzhou.
This installation displays the landscape surrounding the drinking water lake in an extraordinary way.
A number of metal walls are placed and hanged in order to visualise the local environment, mountains in layers. The traditional agricultural Chinese calendar separates the year in 24 seasons. Each season offers a characteristic food and dishes. It is not just an advice in how to eat more healthy and natural but also sensitise people in their surrounding environment and weather phenomena. 4 professional masters from south China were invited to punch on several aluminium boards graphics and patterns visualising elements of that calendar. Beside the artworks at the installation, shown at the Ideal Home Show Shanghai 2017, also products like a special version of a Robam range hood, lamps, room dividers, plates, stools and accessories were developed.